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What is Epilepsy | Causes of Seizures


Sep 27, 2020


Convulsions (Fits)

Epilepsy Seizures Convulsions Meaning: People who have epilepsy have a sudden loss of consciousness. The legs and arms tighten. There will be abnormal swinging, Foam comes along the mouth, consciousness comes in a few minutes later. One such condition is epilepsy is called Convulsions or Fits, which can also occur in other diseases.


Causes of Seizures

E.g. Meningitis, encephalitis

What are Seizures Caused by

Head injury, cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral palsy Some defects in the brain at birth, damage to brain cells, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, exposure to toxins such as alcohol, cocaine, arsenic, lead, decreased blood glucose percent Carbon monoxide poisoning, tetany Fever in young children Fits, Rickets disease due to vitamin ‘D’ deficiency.

What is Epilepsy

Epilepsy can be hereditary In people with epilepsy, fits can appear when there is any damage, rage, lack of food, extreme tiredness, or fever.

Types of epilepsy

* Grand Mall Epilepsy

* Petite Mall Epilepsy

* Focal epilepsy

Grand Mall Epilepsy: Fits last a long time. There is usually no sign before these fits arrive. Sudden loss of consciousness, falling, shaking of legs and arms, shaking of the head, foaming at the mouth.

The muscles of the legs and arms tighten well, The eye eggs are round and round. In some, the fingernails and lips turn blue.

Feces and urine are excreted in the clothes, After a few minutes of fits, the patient slowly regains consciousness or falls asleep. The mind is all confused if it comes to mind.

Petite Mall Epilepsy: It does not cause long-term loss of consciousness. There will be a loss of consciousness for a long time alone.

Those who are working on something will suddenly stop working. The eyes look like they have been eaten and look lifeless.

If there is any object in the hand it will slip, Not knowing what to do at the time, KJ stays that way for a long time and is completely unconscious again.

They do not seem to have lost consciousness. They continue to do what they normally do.

Focal epilepsy seizures: This is called Jacksonian Caesar or Simple Partial Caesar. It involves abnormal stimulation of a specific part of the brain.

The result is momentary access to a particular part of the body, loss of sensation. May or may not lose consciousness at that time, Focal epilepsy is another, This is called the ‘Temple Lobe Caesar or Psychomotor Apple’.

When the brain is abnormally stimulated, the person’s abnormal behavior, sensations, and way of thinking change for a few moments, during which various hallucinations and hallucinations occur.

Hallucinations related to odors. Flavors become relevant. There will be wandering in the world of dreams. At that time the costumes will also be dressed differently and the words will also change.

The temporal lobe remembers nothing that happened until Caesar was reduced.

Some people think that such epilepsy is a disease in which one accidentally goes into the grave, into the presence of God, and is possessed by God, But that is the principle of the disease.


Graphy in Electro Encephalon. Changes in the EEG may be seen with or without seizures. When seizures are caused by diseases, they can be diagnosed with appropriate tests, Cerebrospinal fluid examination, CT Scan MRI


1. Diazepam 10 mg when 1 epilepsy fits. Should be given to the nerve in the form of an injection. Convulsions usually subside immediately. Still seizures

Still, seizures If there is 500 ms after ten minutes. 100 mg in glucose saline. Diazepam should be added to the nerve.

2. Phenytoin injection per kg. Take at the rate of 50 mg per minute for body weight and give at the rate of 50 mg per minute.

It should be stopped as soon as the fits subside or 1000 mg. That should be done by giving the dose.

3. Medication should be used regularly for at least a few years, rather than when epilepsy fits. Fitz Tablets 100 mg. Give at the rate of three times a day or 200 mg of sodium valerate.

Should be given three times a day or carbamazepine 200 mg. Give 3 times a day 1: -2 mg, once a day. These medications should be used for 5 years after the appearance of the fit, at the end of the day anyway.

Should be used for 5 to 10 years if re-fits appear after 5 years. For some, fits can cause brain tumors. It is therefore important to perform appropriate tests when fit.

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