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Relief from menstrual Pain

Introduction:- Menstrual food Women face many problems during this timeDo this to reduce the pain that comes with periods/ Menstrual pain.

• Periods greet girls month after month.

• Women face many problems during this time.

• Some people do not have any health problems.

• But for some people, stomach ache and low back pain are unbearable.

• Such problems can be alleviated with a few tips.

Why menstrual pain will get

Girls phase every month since the onset of menstruation.

Due to hormonal changes… some people have more problems at this time. Some others didn’t have that much of pain, but they have slight pain or problems. Women will continue to struggle the phase in every month and some girls feel that its common for them. Estrogen and progesterone levels usually drop during menstruation, That’s why the girl seen severe abdominal pain. Girls use pills to reduce these/ Menstrual food.

Medication are not advised

However… It is not advisable to use drugs to reduce the problems that occur during periods. This could lead to some problems in the future. And how to reduce the stomach ache and other problems that plague us… Experts say that there is a solution. they are given below

First, take the basil leaves.... Wash them clean and boil these leaves in a couple of cup of water. Drink this juice a little throughout the day. This will reduce stomach ache, digestive problems, and other problems that occur during periods. Keep doing it for three days. If you drink it while it is warm, you will get quick relief.

Also take a banana leaf fry it in oil for a while, then mix it with yogurt. It should be taken lightly throughout the day. This will greatly reduce the problem.

In addition to these, you have to chew the jaggery. Doing so will result in better relief. In the same way, soak at night and drink that water in the morning. Drink as much water as possible.

Stay away from these.

Stay away from oily food, bakery food, instant food, fast food items. These can cause you to have digestive problems. So, it is better to stay away from them. Menstrual food

fruits and veg stock

Eat these.

Also, fresh vegetables, greens, and fruits should be taken. Fiber food should be taken in large quantities. Avocado, peanut butter, peas, bananas should be consumed more. Eat more lettuce, celery, cucumbers, watermelon, berries. All rights reserved. Milk and dairy products can be taken for calcium. Along with these, you should take sesame and almond, Menstraul pain.

Bathing with hot water.

It is better to use hot water during periods. Even if taken into the body .. it is better to use hot water for bathing. This will reduce body pains. The stress also goes away. In the same way, the pads should be kept clean and changing from time to time/ Pain releaf.

A little exercise.

In the same way .. some of the exercises to be done at this time should be done. Especially during this time, some yogasanas give good relief / Menstrual food.


Walking is a gentle and low-intensity exercise. If you do not want to do anything hard work, the walk is very good. It can help boost your mood. In the same way, you can burn some calories. If you do not have menstrual cramps, you can go for a run Periods pain. Menstrual Diet.


Pilates largely avoids high impact, high power output, and heavy muscular and skeletal loading. You can do exercises according to your physical condition. If you are suffering from a low back pain problem, some specific pilates movement can help relieve the menstrual pain.


Yoga is a combination of stretch and breathing exercises that make it very snowy to do yoga monthly. Some yoga asanas help to increase blood circulation in the body and help to get rid of menstrual symptoms easily.

Following these simple rules will help you to avoid many problems during periods/ Menstrual Diet.

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