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Pregnancy Care

if we didn’t take care of Pregnancy and Precautions for Baby what happens

Women should take some precautions during pregnancy, Then its good for both the Mother and Baby, What are those precautions?

• Let us now look at the things, that should not be done at all.

During Gestation Period

Gestation meaning is nine months of pregnancy duration. (From the pregnancy confirmation to till the Delivery of baby are known as Gestation Period)

• Women should be more careful during pregnancy than during normal times. Among them, working women need more care, back pain during pregnancy.
• Going for the job at that time of pregnancy was not so easy.
• Changes in the body. Learn how to handle them and learn how to stay healthy.
Women can get a job during pregnancy. But, at that point, some problems arise. The job must be managed efficiently while remaining healthy. Then learn how to overcome the inconveniences that come.

Reducing nausea and vomiting

Pregnancy NC time is awkward in the morning. Morning is awkward for most women. Some people have it all day. If you want to reduce it later, follow some tips

Stay away from nauseating substances.

During this time, nausea may occur even on the most favorite ingredients for women. They used to be very fond of them. Eat snacks at a time like this.

You are much better off eating cracker biscuits and other soft foods. Keep snacks in advance for easy eating in the office. Ginger tea reduces nausea.

If you are tired.

During pregnancy, you feel tired quickly. Since it is difficult to relax while in the office, eat a diet high in iron and protein.

Fatigue comes with iron deficiency.

Anemia is likewise another symptom. You need to take good nutrition to reduce these. Eat red meat, eggs, seafood, greens, iron grains, and legumes.

Frequent rest: Get up occasionally without ever sitting in a chair. Getting up and turning around for a while gives you patience.

Closing the eyes for a few minutes and keeping the feet slightly elevated can reduce fatigue.

Intake of Liquids: It is advisable to consume more Liquids during Pregnancy. So .. keep a bottle of water at your desk and work and drink in the middle.

Other than that, it is better to take coconut water, juices, and buttermilk.

However, not all fruits should be taken as juice. Doctors should take advice only

Postpone some tasks: Reducing some tasks will give you more rest. That means you can do it online without having to shop directly, back pain in pregnancy, Homework, gardening, etc.

Follow an exercise routine: It is good to do some workout during pregnancy. However, employees may not have as much time. After working all day… a workout can be a hassle.

However, physical exercise increases patience in your camel – especially important for those who sit at a desk all day. Walk after the office. In the same way .. Do some exercises or join a fitness class as advised by the doctor.

Proper sleep: Pregnant women need more rest. If you sleep for 8 hours regularly. Be aware that sleeping at least 10 hours a day is important. However, take some precautions when sleeping.

Lying back on the left side gives the baby more blood circulation and relieves the swelling. Putting pillows under the abdomen as well as between the legs to be more comfortable does not give much weight.

Being comfortable

As the months go by, the daily chores, such as sitting and standing, can also feel uncomfortable. It is best to relax when tired.

Turning back and forth for an hour will loosen the muscles, increase fluid in your legs and feet, and reduce swelling.

Sitting: Use adjustable chairs that support the waist so that you can sit comfortably longer. Keep in mind that this is necessary, especially as your weight and posture can vary. and back pain in pregnancy.

If your chair is not adjustable, place a small pillow or cushion at the waist. Keep the legs elevated to reduce swelling.

Standing: If you have to stand for a long time, place one foot on a small stool or can, footrest. Keep changing feet. Get plenty of rest. Wear comfortable, comfortable shoes.

Bending and lifting weights: Lightweight may make you uncomfortable while lifting weights. Then bend the knees, not bending near the waist.

Lift weights with the weight on the legs – do not put weight on the waist. Do not rotate the body suddenly while lifting weights.

Keeping mental stress under control: Don’t worry about job responsibilities.

Reduce stress in the office like this…

Here’s how to put one together for use with your daily routine. What can be handed over to someone else? Identify what is left of the original.

Speak out: Open up about your frustrations with a coworker, friend, or loved one who stands by you.

Relaxation: Practice relaxation techniques such as slow breathing and imagining yourself in a quiet place. Join a prenatal yoga class before delivery as long as your doctor doesn’t object.

Prerequisites for employment

Certain conditions at work can increase the risk of complications when you are pregnant. This will give you pre-delivery opportunities. They are…

  • Susceptibility to harmful substances.
  • Too much time waiting.
  • Lifting heavy weights.
  • climbing stairs.
  • having to carry.
  • Mostly screaming and making noises.
  • More movement and vibration from the larger.
  • machines, such as the larger ones.
  • Delivery may be delayed due to extreme temperatures.


If you are having trouble with any of the above, talk to your doctor. Together, the two of you may decide to take more special care during your pregnancy or to change your job responsibilities, and back pain during pregnancy.


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