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what are the chances of getting breast cancer?

What is Breast Cancer

The number of women dying of breast cancer has increased in recent years. If modern medical facilities are available… they can reduce the incidence of disease.
It is painful.

Lack of awareness about breast Sarcoma and lack of proper treatment are the major causes of death.
That is why all women should be aware of sarcoma. This is the story. Why does sarcoma occur in this article? Who comes in? What to do without it? What is the treatment for neoplasm? Let us know all the facts. Let’s raise awareness of sarcoma.

Metastatic Breast cancer Facts

The most common form of sarcoma, It is also the highest rate of infected deaths. Some women lose their lives due to a lack of awareness and carelessness despite the availability of advanced treatment.

Breast Cancer Survival Rate

  • sarcoma cases account for 25.8 percent of all neoplasm cases in the country, according to data from the Union Health Department. Of these, 12.7 percent lost their lives.
  • Although there is a chance of getting out of the disease .. there are more survivors. According to the figures for 2010-2014, only 66.1 percent of people are free from sarcoma. The rest are losing their lives.
  • Survival rates of breast sarcoma are high in developed countries such as Australia and the US. There are 90% of women who have survived breast cancer.
  • It is estimated that by the year 2020 at least 17,97,900 women will have sarcoma
Breast Cancer | Causes | Facts and Symptoms of Cancer

Inflammatory Cancer Symptoms


  1. The first symptoms of breast cancer are the formation of clots and tightening of the breasts. Also, some other symptoms can be diagnosed with sarcoma.
  2. Pain in the or armpits. They usually come in monthly. But even if the pain does not subside afterward, it is doubtful.
  3. The size of the breasts and their shape change.
  4. Changes in the skin on the tumor. sarcoma comes in. There are pains on the breasts.
  5. The skin on the nipples or flaky, blistering, rashes.
  6. Lumping of the nipple
  7. Discharge of fluids from nipples.
  8. The skin on the breasts turns red or orange
What Causes Sarcoma


Many changes in the body of a girl after puberty. Especially with the increase in the size of the tumors .. some of them change.

Meat and fat can accumulate, it forms milk glands and lobules, Mammals also form along with the palatal glands. Accordingly, cell division occurs. This is a process that usually happens.

Almost all cases of neoplasm occur when sarcoma is infected. This is a loss of control. Breast cancer usually begins in the mammary gland. Continuous dissection of the tumor can lead to tumors in the tumor.

They slowly reach the lymph nodes and other parts. a neoplasm can also be caused by the formation of tumors in the breast muscle.

Hormonal imbalances, lifestyle changes, and climate impacts can cause sarcoma. Breast sarcoma is also occurring among those who are healthy and in good health. Doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of neoplasm.

However, genetic factors and changes in the environment are thought to contribute to breast cancer in women. Genes change as the generations change.

Depending on how often they are altered, the chances of getting sarcoma are high. Among them, breast cancer gene 1 (BRCA-1) and breast sarcoma genes 2 (BRCA-2) are important. These include sarcoma as well as an ovarian neoplasm.

Also, some risk factors may contribute to breast neoplasm. Let’s look at Avento Osari.

risk factors for breast
  • Aging: As you grow older, your chances of getting cancer are higher. At the age of twenty, the risk of developing sarcoma in the next 10 years is only 0.6%. By the age of 70, it will increase to 3.84%.
  • Genes: As we discussed above, women who have the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have a higher risk of developing neoplasm and ovarian cancer. In addition to these two genes, TP53, also cause sarcoma. If you have a close relative, blood relatives, someone who has breast sarcoma.
  • Breast tumors: People with tumors are at increased risk of sarcoma. Although they do not have carcinogenic tumors. For example, people with problems such as lobular carcinoma and hyperplasia are more likely to have sarcoma.
  • Premature Breast Cancer: When a breast is diagnosed with neoplasm, it is more likely to develop into a second breast. Even if you have had cancer before and there is no chance of recurrence after its cured.
  • Radiation Effect: Breast cancer can occur if you have been previously treated with radiation due to any illness.


  • Estrogen Effect: Menopause at a young age, menopause, menopause, menopause, breast cancer This is likely due to the excessive release of estrogen. Such people have chances for sarcoma.
  • Overweight: People with obesity are at risk for neoplasm. High levels of estrogen are likely to cause this condition.
  • Hormone Treatments: People who use hormone treatment therapy (HRT) and contraceptive pills are at increased risk for sarcoma. Practicing these methods releases excess estrogen in the body. Most likely breast cancer
  • Alcohol: Alcohol users are one and a half times more likely to develop cancer compared to the rest.
  • Pregnancy: Those who have not conceived or have given birth to a delayed child, such as those who have given birth to children after 30 years, are more likely to have cancer.

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