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What is the Importance of Food in Health

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What is the importance of food in Health?

Introduction know about Food Health Life

Those are servicing on earth they need to eat the food Because to perform the daily activities of an individual. our stomach doesn’t matter that we are poor or rich, it needs food that’s it.

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The role of food in health

Our body is like a machine, just as a machine does not work without fuel, our body does not work without food. the food we eat acts as a fuel to supply, giving the energy to our body, it needs to function properly. However, due to the modern lifestyle, the diet has gone out of control. 

Food serves our body in the following three ways.

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1. Food in health For Anatomy (Body Building):- 

  • The diet helps to build a healthy body.
  • A newborn baby weighs between 2.7 kg to 3.2 kg when he/she comes to adults their weight up to 55kg to 70kg and as it grows older. That means even adults’ weight can be obtained by feeding him/her regularly from the place of birth.
  • The diet can place the most important role because to support the anatomy.
  • if you take the right amount of food every day from birth to adulthood, it will be built new cells in your body to replace the wong-out tissue, allowing your body to grow properly and Thrive(grow) in health and perfection.
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2. For Power

The second benefit is that food in health gives to our body, which can provide the energy to our body to perform the voluntary and involuntary actions of our body. 
Determined actions are mind-blowing tasks. That is, eating and walking!
Reflex actions (Movements):- This means that our effort is mechanically done in our body without our involvement! For example, heart palpitations, digestion, regulation of body temperature, etc.
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3. Regulating the Body Program:-
The steps that are required to regulate the processes, mechanisms, and processes that occur in our body are:
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle contractions
  • Maintaining water balance
  • Blood clotting
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Removes waste products from the body.
In order to perform the balancing of proper health and to provide the energy for our body, we need to take a balanced diet that has all the nutritional value on a regular basis. with that balanced diet, our body removes waste products from our body.
The nutritional value we receive through the health food it needs for our survival:
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fatty substances
  • Vitamins
  • Mineral salts
  • Water
  • Fiber
  • A nutritious diet
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The importance of food in health
Whenever we eat food, it contains vitamins, minerals, proteins, and antioxidants. Food and water are the two most important nutrients for our body function. these chemicals like proteins, enzymes, and essential nutrients are required for the body to fight off harmful bacteria that are present in our body, this will maintain the water balance, and many other physiological functions.
Some foods have high nutritional value. Some have low nutritional value. It is not possible to dispose of any food. It’s not just how much we eat. What we eat is also important. Some foods can prevent certain diseases.

Example: Some of the Fruits and vegetables can prevent cancer. The fiber in foods helps control cholesterol. To prevent osteoporosis due to aging, a high intake of calcium milk should be taken. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones break down easily.

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Health and Food
If will follow our diet regularly will solve health problems, if not our body will ill.
All these factors that are essential for good health, American scientists have devised a diet called the Food Guide Pyramid, which focuses on what foods we should take to stay healthy.


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‘Food Guide Pyramid’
According to us: rice, vegetables, and bread: these should be used most. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and also complex carbohydrates.
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Teeth: They are high in calcium content, deficiency of calcium, and antioxidants will lead to teeth problems, Vitamin ‘C’ are abundant in teeth. Potassium and some other mineral salts are also available and are high in fiber. It is better to eat fresh fruits whenever possible.
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Vegetables: These are low in fat and calories, important of many nutrients, high in vitamins ‘A’ and ‘C’. Fiber and minerals are also present in abundance. Meat, fish, chicken, eggs, cashew nuts, and veggies are usually high in protein. Iron, some B vitamins, and some other minerals are also good, some of the vegetables contain high-fat content, So take some care while eating.
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Milk, yogurt, butter: Dairy products are high in calcium, protein, vitamins, and some mineral salts. Fat is also high. So it is better to careful.

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Sweets, oils: These foods are low in nutrients but rich in calories (energy). It is better to eat fewer cakes and sweets.
Health tips

1. If the food is not taken at all … some people will suffer from severe disease. and that will affect any part of the digestive system due to starvation.

some others will eat lots of food they will affect with anorexia nervosa also called eating disorder.

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In such cases, people have to go on a hunger strike without taking food in health.
2. In such cases, the body begins to deplete its own tissues under calories for energy. As a result, the fat stored in the body almost disappears (remember this “some of the fats are important to our body if we lose that fats by decreasing weight or by starvation it may lead to a severe disorder like Paralysis”) Internal organs, muscles, gradually begin to be damaged. Adults are at risk of losing more than half of their body weight in the event of fasting. Children lose even more weight.

Note:- During fastings eat some snacks, fruits, or some other but don’t keep your stomach as empty

The liver and intestines shrink in proportion to weight loss. Kidneys and heart shrink slightly, anemia (Bloodloss) will occur, WBC (white blood cells), RBC (red blood cells) platelet count will be decreased.

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Further effects/changes are:
  1. Decreased bone density, Bones that dissolve muscles tend to protrude.


  2. The skin becomes thin and dry. Decreases the elasticity of the skin. Pale white-colored.


  3. The hair is dry, Fall off easily.


  4. frequently getting sick
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Precautions for Healthy life
  1. Daily 5 liters of water will be required for our body so you should drink more water because our body-brain requires much amount of water, so have plenty of water as much as possible.
  2. Walking in the morning or evening up to 1km to 2km, for activating muscles and our body parts.
  3. Eat more fruits(mainly don’t skip seasonal fruits to eat)
  4. Eat fewer carbohydrates(rice), instead of eating more rice you can eat more vegetable curries in it.
  5. Drink more salad.
  6. Eat dry fruits and dry fruit sweets.


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